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The first convent of Capuchin monks in Lazio region was built with the intention to meet the accommodation needs of pilgrims who walked along Nomentana road from and towards Rome and the neighbouring sanctuaries. Situated on a little hill, the Conventino was built in a very short time, between 1608 and 1610, using the remains of Roman building material. Its consecration took place, with great popular interest, on 14 November 1610 officiated by the Bishop of Sulmona, Mons.

Cesare Fedeli, who blessed the altar as well as the two lateral chapels, one dedicated to S. Francesco and the other to S. Michele. Moreover, the relics of S. Felice I., pope and martyr, were placed below the main altar. In 1630, just 20 years after its establishment, the Order of the Capuchin decided to divest the Conventino and sold it to Giovan Battista Borghese, who had already chosen it as a holiday resort for his family since 1638.

In 1867 the Conventino was scene of a memorable battle between Garibaldi and the French-Pontificial Zouaves. Today, names of French soldiers hospitalized here can still be seen engraved in the church walls.

In 1964 the Conventino together with the surrounding park was bought by the odontologist Carlo Ettore De Vecchis, who restored the ancient building, from the old convent to the garden, with attention to every single detail. Now as then.